Proposed Bylaw Amendment FAQ

Here you’ll find a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the 2020 Proposed Bylaw Amendment

Why is the amendment being proposed?
This amendment is being proposed as due diligence by the board of directors and is consistent with the advisory motion made during the 2019 RREC Annual Meeting. This amendment would allow the board of directors more flexibility in the retiring of capital credits.

Where and when can I vote on the amendment?
There are two ways to vote on this amendment: Cast your ballot at the annual meeting on March 17, at Raft River High School or vote by mail. Ballots will be mailed to each member at the beginning of March and must be returned to the office in Malta by 5:00 pm annual meeting day.

What is required to amend the bylaws?
A majority of votes cast by a quorum of the members is needed to pass the bylaw amendment.

What happens if the bylaw amendment doesn’t pass?
The bylaws remain unchanged.

When would these changes take place?
These changes would become effective as soon as they are approved by the membership.

Proposed Bylaw Amendment (PDF)