Board of Directors


Board of Directors Application Packet (PDF)

Mark Your Calendars for May 11, 2021

Annual Meeting & Directors Election

Two seats are up for election: one in District 2 and one in District 4. As a cooperative, your board of directors is elected from the membership, by the membership.

Becoming a director is a big commitment. The board of directors has a responsibility to ensure the legal rights of the cooperative, act in the best interest of the cooperative and membership, plan for the future of the cooperative, assure the availability of resources including finances and power, and monitor the overall health of the cooperative.

Applications (PDF) are being accepted for the 2021 Board of Directors Election in District 2 and District 4. Applications (PDF) may be picked up at the cooperative office in Malta or online. Note: Completed applications/petitions must be received at the cooperative office in Malta, ID on or before March 12, 2021.