Safety Tips & Demos

Park Valley electrical safety demonstration in a warehouse, 2017
Park Valley Safety Demonstration November 2, 2017

The safety of our members and our employees is our top priority! Contact us at (208) 645-2211 or toll-free at 1 (800) 342-7732 if you have safety questions or to schedule a safety demonstration for your school, community, employees, or emergency response personnel.

Electrical safety tips to teach your kids:

  • Never put fingers or other objects in an outlet
  • Keep metal objects out of toasters
  • Never use anything with a cord or plug around water
  • Never pull a plug out by its cord
  • Stay away from substations and power lines
  • Don’t climb on power poles
  • Never fly kites near power lines
  • Stay away from broken or fallen power lines
  • Never touch or climb trees that are near power lines
  • Never touch big, metal transformer boxes with warning signs
  • Obey warning signs

Childproof your home:

  • Keep curious kids safe from the temptation to stick foreign objects into outlets or plugs.
  • Unused wall outlets should be secured. Plastic inserts can be used but they can be pulled off and stuck in the mouth. Consider using safety outlets that prevent foreign objects from being inserted. You can also block outlets with the creative arrangement of furniture.
  • If you’re temporarily using extension cords, hide them behind furniture or use a hide-a-cord device. You can also put electrical tape over unused plug holes on cords.
  • Put electrical devices such as DVD players on a shelf out of reach, or behind a barrier.
  • Store bathroom and kitchen electrical appliances – like hairdryers and toasters – out of reach of curious children.

Visit our Power line & Generator safety page for more safety information,