PROPOSED Minutes of the 82nd Annual Meeting of Members Held May 11, 2021

The 82nd Annual Meeting of the Members of Raft River Rural Electric Co-op Inc. (RREC) was duly convened and broadcast online to the members via the Raft River Electric website at 6 p.m. on May 11, 2021, pursuant to the Official Notice of the Annual Meeting, addressed to each member at the member’s address as it appears on the records of the co-op.

President’s Report

President Campbell called the virtual 82nd Annual Meeting of the Members to order, declaring a quorum of the members had been achieved through mail-in and in-person balloting. He stated that a copy of the proposed minutes from the 2019 and 2020 Annual Meeting of the Members was published in the April 2021 Ruralite magazine and included in the election material packet. He introduced and thanked the current Board of Directors: John Campbell, District 1; Gary Jones, District 2; Blaine Tanner, District 3; Krinn McCoy, District 4; Lindsey Manning, District 5; Larry Henson, At-Large; and Jason Harper, At-Large.

Campbell thanked the staff for the work performed to make the virtual meeting happen. He talked about being grateful to be connected with the members of RREC, especially during a year where everyone had to decide how to balance fear and caution. Campbell also expressed his gratitude to the communities, schools, businesses, farmers, ranchers and families that found a way to keep moving forward and getting the work done, despite the fear and unknown.

During the pandemic, RREC focused on keeping the lights on for members and ensuring a safe work environment for employees. Campbell thanked the employees for being willing to make the necessary adjustments to continue to safely get the work done and fellow board members who also made adjustments to ensure that RREC continues to fulfill its mission. He thanked the members for their membership, interaction and support of the cooperative.

In closing, Campbell reported RREC is a strong and well- managed cooperative with competitive power rates and engaged managers dedicated to improving and making the right decisions for the cooperative.

Audit Report

Dave DeCoria of DeCoria & Co. reported to the membership that the co-op is in good financial shape. His staff performed an audit in accordance with the United States of America Government Auditing Standards. He certified the financial statements are correct and the financial information provided was accurate, in good order, and a fair and accurate representation of the co-op’s balance sheet as of December 31, 2020. He reported a clean unmodified opinion, with no disagreements with the cooperative. He reported that all material and information his firm requested was provided without hesitation.

Manager’s Report

General Manager Chad Black reported that in an effort to follow health guidelines, the decision was made once again to present the reports and gather virtually for the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Members. He reported that due to the continued effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ICUA Youth Rally has been canceled for 2021. Black talked about the impacts the pandemic has had on communities and individuals. He reported the cooperative continues to be successful, maintaining a strong financial position, closing out the year with higher than projected margins. The board elected to return $950,000 in capital credits, paying 90% of the 1992 allocation back to the members. RREC continues to meet all debt obligations, build out capital projects and maintain operations—while continually focusing on the stability, reliability and integrity of the system.

Through the cooperative’s membership with PNGC, it remains focused on ensuring a clean, affordable and reliable wholesale power supply, as negotiations of the power contracts post 2028 commences. Black assured the membership that as RREC sees a greater push for renewable resources, and that although the cooperative believes in offering members the flexibility to explore these resources, he is committed to making sure it does not come at a cost to the entire membership.

Black talked about the increasing climate change and power adequacy needs of the Pacific Northwest and the need to protect the hydro system and its sound, reliable, renewable operation practices. Safety continues to be a priority for members and employees, as Black urged members to be aware of their surroundings, keep poles clear of signs and flags, and areas around poles in yards clear from flammable items.

Black took some time and thanked Terry “Hutch” Hutchison, who retires from RREC with 43 years of service. In closing, he thanked the members for being a part of the cooperative and urged those with questions or concerns to reach out.

Election Committee Report

Cordell Sheridan, Election Committee chairman, read a brief summary of the minutes of the Election Committee meetings, which covered the responsibilities and duties of the election committee. He introduced the 2021 RREC Election Committee, which included Sheridan, Recording Secretary John Zollinger, Lee Matthews, Carol Patton, Michael Spencer, Rozilyn Jones, Reed Beecher, Lanette Andersen, Roger Crane, Tony Rigby, Kip Egan and Zeb Bingham. He announced the applications received for board candidates for the 2021 directors’ election were reviewed as to qualifications; all nominations were certified and accepted. Candidates seeking election for District 2 were incumbent Gary Jones, Nolan Branch and Sherrie Erickson, and from District 4 incumbent Krinn McCoy.

Director Results

Sheridan announced the registration officially closed, reported on the procedure and results of the 2021 director election and the results of the proposed annual meeting minutes of the members for 2019 and 2020. In District 2, Sherrie Erickson of Almo, Idaho, was elected. In District 4, incumbent Krinn McCoy of Jarbidge, Nevada, was reelected. Directors serve three-year terms on the board. The proposed 2019 and 2020 annual meeting minutes of the members were received and approved by the membership as published. Sheridan then thanked the candidates and all who participated in the election process.


Campbell reported the next Annual Meeting of the Members will convene in 2022 on a date and time as designated each year by the Board of Directors—according to the bylaws—and declared the 2021 Raft River Electric Annual Meeting of the Members adjourned.

Grand Prize Winner

Linda Dille was the winner of the grand prize, an $800 energy credit.