Meet the 2022 Board Candidates

Board candidate bios are published as written and submitted by the candidates.

John Campbell

John CampbellIncumbent
District 1

I have lived and farmed in Juniper, Idaho for sixteen years. I have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know the people in the Raft River area through school, church and community service and events. My wife, Beth, along with our four children, remain committed to seeing our neighbors, schools, and our communities thrive. I see Raft River Electric as an essential part of our community’s success.

It has been an honor to represent all of you as I have served on the Raft River Electric board of directors the last three years. Despite having years fraught with challenges, we have been able to navigate Raft River Electric through it all. During this time, I have completed the NRECA Credentialed Cooperative Director program to increase my knowledge and effectiveness in serving our co-op. I have also had the opportunity to serve as the Board President for the last 18 months; helping to help make critical decisions and provide oversight as Raft River Electric has had a remarkably successful year and seen the retirement of some of our exceptional and stalwart employees.

As a board member, I am dedicated and committed to fulfilling Raft River Electric’s mission to deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective power to energize our communities. I have and will continue to strive to be available to visit and explain any questions that members have about our co-op as I feel that transparency and trust are essential to the success of our cooperative. My formal education at Utah State University and my background as an irrigator and farmer, as well as the experiences I have garnered these last three years, has allowed me to provide insight and oversight to: financial decisions, policy adjustment and formulation, member relations, inter-board relations and representing Raft River Electric at the state and national organizations.

As Raft River Electric continues to grow and have success, I hope to be able to continue to serve each of you as a director. Thank you for your consideration.

Jason Harper

Jason Harper


When the time came for me to put in my application for the at-large position this term, there was no question that I wanted to continue on as a board member of Raft River Electric. During my time as a director, I have developed a greater understanding of the co-op business model and knowledge of the electric utility industry and am eager and willing to continue learning and representing members, while providing management oversight and guidance. I currently serve as the co-op’s secretary/treasurer and am an active member of the Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE).

My family has been members of the co-op and involved in agriculture here in the Malta valley for decades. The decisions we make definitely stretch beyond our lifetimes and the decisions we make for the members of Raft River Electric also stretch beyond our time in the boardroom. I can tell you with confidence that as a board member, the issues our co-op is facing will be addressed with the great people of our communities in mind. Our co-op should be at the forefront of the challenges our industry is going to encounter and I am excited to meet those challenges head on. I feel that it is imperative to keep our employees and members safe, while planning appropriately for the costs of delivering safe, reliable and affordable electricity and providing members with exceptional service.

I grew up in Malta and graduated from Raft River High School and then served a mission in the Philippines for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When I returned from my mission, I went to work in the heavy civil industry field for several years until moving back to Malta in 2013 to continue on with the family farm. My wife, Natalie and I have 3 children.

It has been a privilege to serve you and the co-op. I would like to continue in the efforts that have been made to make Raft River Electric the co-op it is today. I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving as a director. Thank you for your support.

George Darrington

George DarringtonAt-Large

My name is George Darrington and I am running for an At-Large seat on the Board of Directors. I have lived in the Almo, Bridge and Malta areas for over 58 years. My wife, Denise, and I are pleased to have been able to raise our 6 children here. We also have 13 grandchildren.

I enjoyed my career working at Raft River Electric for 38 years, as a groundsman, a lineman, in metering, Customer and Member Services, Regulatory Compliance and Conservation. For over 20 years I participated in the Safety Program presenting safety demonstrations around the area and at the Northwest Lineman College. I also served as Safety Director for RREC and worked with utilities in our region through ICUA’s Safety Advancement Program. I believe my experience will provide important and needed perspective on the Board.

I have read RREC’s Articles of Incorporation, the By-Laws, Policies, and Service Rules and Regulations. The Cooperative business model of member ownership and control is one I fully support, and I am convinced that well-informed and involved members are essential to our Cooperative’s success. I support a stronger Cooperative through restoring and respecting members rights, providing better access to information, resolving unsettled issues and ensuring that every member is treated with courtesy and respect.

I look forward to listening to and answering questions and concerns you may have.